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Casa Marcela
Ajijic village, Jalisco, Mexico

Our Rental Agent

Socorro "Coco" Wonchee

With over 25 years dedicated to customer satisfaction, Coco has been a frequent part of the Lakeside community since her youth. She now has chosen to be a permanent resident and continue her successful and rewarding career.

Her knowledge of real estate and her joy in life makes her your best choice in your search for your perfect home.

We can attest to Coco's kindness, skill and diplomacy when it comes to dealing with people from   different cultures.  She knows the neighborhoods and has very good instincts about people.

We couldn't be happier with her or our place in Ajijic! 

See below for an article Coco wrote for a local publication. 

February 10, 2010             Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico

A Little Mexican Paradise Treasured By Expats!

The deep silence of the night is broken by the shy, sweet chirp of the sparrows. Birds in Chapala Lake …..! How many? Yellow, red, black, white and gray. Small, medium, large; from hummingbirds to pelicans, and herons being the largest.

The lake is covered by a golden mist. The wind blows a soft and crisp breeze which announces the coming of the autumn. The leaves on the trees are trembling and they whisper a delightful sound. The Allium, Jasmines and Honeysuckle release their scents and perfume the air. This is the atmosphere that has inspired not only bright intellectuals and writers like André Breton, and D.H.Lawrence who used to live here, but an increase of 581% too in the arrival of North American and Canadian people. Even the British, German, Australian, Spanish and others from New Zealand, India and Nepal have arrived at the Lake Chapala Riviera in Jalisco, Mexico over the last decade according to the Institute of Migratory Politic of the US Government and the Chapala Tourism Director. But don´t worry, this little paradise still keeps its intimacy, and only twelve to eighteen thousand expats live here.

Green everywhere. In the orchards the mature trees do not rest. The citrus trees have flowers, green minifruits and ripe, large, ready to be cut fruits. The nature cycles here, in this sort of Paradise (weather average 27°c), turns to make everything abundant and seems as though it doesn’t want to stop the production cycle. That´s why the Lake Chapala area has been catalogued as one of the best climates in the world, according to National Geographic and has been recognized as a RAMSAR site. (RAMSAR –An intergovernamental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resource.)

Behind each village, the majestic and massive mountains protect and provide a subtle but strong energy-the local traditions says it is magnetism. People who suffer cronic pains from old injuries, illnesses related to arthritis, or simply advanced age, find great relief here. Not only physically, but mentally as well. From these mountains water currents flow rich in minerals, creating hot springs. No wonder visitors sleep so well and keep saying how their mind and spirit becomes restful. For sure it´s the Lake itself, the atmosphere and emanations of the largest inland body of water in Mexico.

Even though life in these small villages is quite different in development, culture, education and lifestyle to the expats that come to live here, one may ask why they choose such a different place to establish a home? And what is it that they enjoy so much? The answer lies in a happy combination of factors:

First : Climate

Second: Low cost of living (50% less than in the US)

Third : Ready made infrastructure

Let’s not forget the fine restaurants, artistic activities, concerts, choirs, theatre, festivals, all part of the culture mainly offered in Ajijic. It is a safe and low stress environment with natural hot springs, natural unprocessed food and of course, the natural beauty of the landscape that embraces each person all the time, night and day.

It´s Thursday and it is Farmers Market Day in one of the nearest villages. It´s lovely to visit open air markets. They have the quality to show real people, real food, local gastronomy traditions, one can learn from it so many things, about local customs. One can find here, fresh green vegetables, corn from the season, White, yellow, purple. Some organic products. Any kind of fruits: Tropical, exotic fruits from local orchards and from deep Southern Mexico, like pitahayas, rambutans, mameyes. Avocados, wild plums, chayotes, mangoes, tomatoes, which grows, almost wild around here. And why not, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, grown locally but export almost totally to USA, Canada and Europe.

It´s 12.00 o´clock. It´s called “friend hour” La hora del amigo, It means aperitif time, and a little sip of tequila is deserved. This liquor Internationally well known, means for the locals not only for a toast, but a remedy too. A remedy against age, cold, arthrithis, mental illness, sadness. It is kind of an urban legend, but it does seem to work.

Is Lake Chapala with its idyllic villages such as Ajijic, Chapala, San Antonio, San Juan Cosala, El Chante, the ideal place to retire? The eighteen thousand expats community (from USA, Canada and Europe) will answer yes! They gather in so many Clubs and Associations: Philantropy, Science, Art, Philosophy, Gastronomy, Bridge, Chess, Gardening, Writing, Painting, Language. I guess they don´t get bored. They are realizing most of their retirement dreams here, developing dormant artisitic talents, keeping busy and being useful to the community who warmingly hosts them.

They can also enjoy the benefits of being close to the second largest city in Mexico –Guadalajara- with an International Airport, Fashionable Malls, state of the art Hospitals and clinics, and banks. Guadalajara offers all of the conveniences of modern life, together with the charming and warmth of old and local traditions in art and handcrafts.

Some expats that I have questioned about their life here say that somehow they have found –in their words “their Paradise,” a sort of Youth Fountain. Even though some have children and grandchildren abroad, they don´t see themselves in any other place. They say “my home is here”.

Mind, body and spirit are healed, well nourished, rejuvenated, certainly the expats enjoys their life, around here.

Perhaps sometimes they miss their countries of origin, sometimes they fly far away in the summer. One thing is certain, like the snowbirds, they come back to Lake Chapala each Winter.

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